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Website Designing & Stores

Graphic design

Graphic services. Production of posters, flyers, banners, logos and other materials. We offer quality and modern design to help you promote your services.

Web sites

We offer design of modern pages, responsive design. All of our sites have good SEO optimization and are highly ranked on search engines.

Web stores

Web shop design. Stores of modern design and with the ability to pay by credit card, credit card and credit card.

Web aplication

Do you have a project? We are here for you. Design applications and demanding projects of your choice.

Easy way to build perfect websites

Smart, Curious, Hands On.

Do you have a project? We are here for you. We make websites and stores at affordable prices. Anything you want we can create for you. We do pages in WordPress and have many satisfied clients. Every new site is a big challenge for us.

Creative Solutions

We have many purchased templates that will make your site special.

Clean code

Our pages are legible and simple. So they have a high loading speed.

Unique digital experiences

We are a young and
promising team

I'm Branka Kristo, web designer. I have been designing for many years. This job requires a lot of time and effort. Years of dedicated work and learning in front of the laptop have perfected me in this business. I love my job and look forward to every new project. I have about fifty completed projects and many satisfied clients. Every new project is a new challenge for me. Come in, I'm here for you.

Build perfect websites

Our products simply provide the quality

We build pages and web stores in WordPress. This tool has a simple user interface and changes can be easily made to the page. We have been using this tool for many years and it meets all our needs. We make stores with the Woocommerce tool. We can help you create everything you want on your site and create the most challenging projects. We are here for you. Get in touch.

Find more creative ideas for your projects

Check out some of my work. I hope you will like it. I put a lot of time and effort into it. This is a great commercial for businesses.

Values & Features

Why you choose us?

  1. Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations
  2. Perfect design & clear code delivered
  3. Present your services with flexibleu a massa
  4. Find more creative ideas for your projects
  5. Unlimited power and customization possibilities

Pricing Plans

We offer several packages that vary in price and scope of work. Choose the one that works best for you. If you have a project, get in touch. We are here for you. We look forward to your call.


200 euro

5 web pages
basic package



300 euro

unlimited pages
business package



400 euro

50 products
web shop design


Price is without server and domain. 
You must secure your server and domain before I begin working. 
It will cost you about 60 euros a year.

We design brand & digital experience

Our skills


It is easy to use and has many great solutions for simple and demanding pages. Page maintenance is accessible to anyone because it has a clear user interface that can be corrected by anyone without programming knowledge.

Responsive display design

The pageview size changes by the size of the screen. Pages can be displayed on all devices, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

CSS styles

Styles are placed in a single file and can be repeatedly applied to a page. This gives a unique and transparent page.

Lowest Prices

We offer exceptionally good quality at the lowest prices on the market. Do not miss.

Every new project is a great joy and a challenge for us

Our products simply provide the quality of being clear and easy to understand.

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    We look forward to your call. Get in touch. We are here for you. We look forward to every call and every new project.